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Arik Air Baggage policy

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Special Baggage Allowance 

Hand Baggage Allowance

Hand bags contain those items, which travelers may take into the airplane and store under the chair right in front side or in the overhead areas. Common illustrations include:

• A bag, not going above 55x35x25 cm
• One upper or raincoat
• An offset umbrella or walking stick;
• One photographic camera, one photographic camera or one portable CD player
• A reasonable variety of newspapers, publications or books for the trip
• One handbags or one brief-case or one laptop
• Items bought at Manchester international terminal “Duty Free” shop in restricted amount and sizing
• Food for babies necessary during the trip
• One carry-cot or foldable stroller
• One foldable wheel chair, a set of crutches or similar devices on which a impaired traveler may depending.

Make Sure For all Arik Air routes, the side bags allocation is one item with a weight of a highest possible of 10 kg in weight only plus a small brief-case or computer. On ALL Worldwide routes leaving Nigeria there is a 100% ban on all fluids and gel in side bags. For Lagos to New York flight the travelers must arrived before 4 hours of departure time.                       

 Checked in free baggage allowance

Examined in bags includes all those products which are heavy and carried in the airplane and are not accessible to travelers during flight. It must involve luggage or bins that are sufficiently firm and up against the stress brought on by normal managing so as to ensure safe transportation without special specifications. There is no checked in bags allocation for babies, only hand bags will be approved. Free bags allocation information is released in Arik Air Examined Baggage Plan papers. To conform to Health & Safety specifications, Arik Air Limited has implemented a maximum bodyweight for individual products of checked bags. Arik Air will not accept a bag that surpasses 30kg (66lbs) in bodyweight, per any individual piece of bags (except Lagos-Freetown-Banjul-Dakar path and v.v.). This insurance coverage associates only to individual products of bags and does not affect your overall bags allocation shown on your solution, which remains unchanged

Excess baggage

You will be required to pay an extra charge for buggy of luggage in unwanted of the free luggage allocation (as predetermined in our conditions and limitations). These rates are released in Arik Air Examined Baggage Policy papers. Excess luggage expenses are gathered in the local currency. Carriage of unwanted luggage is subject to available space on your flight. The count of luggage permitted for any traveler is up to 10 pieces per traveler.

Special baggage

It is allowed to transportation ski equipment, golf luggage, finds and windsurfs, bike etc, as authorized luggage against space accessibility and payment of special excess luggage supplement. Contact your travel agency, the closest Arik Air solution office or Call Center for more information.

Prohibited items

It’s unacceptable to bring the following items:
Limiting gadgets,

• Briefcases with alarm gadgets set up
• Fumes (flammable, non combustible or toxic) such as hiking gases
• Flammable fluids, such as lighter-fuels, varnishes and thinners
• Suits with non absorbable gases and replacements
• Explosives, ammo, fireworks and rockets
• Flammable shades such as “strike anywhere” matches and highly combustible items
• Ingredients which release combustible gases on contact with water
• Oxidizing components (such as whitening dust and peroxide)
• Infected and harmful components
• Radioactive components
• Harsh components (such as mercury, chemicals, alkali)
• Magnetized components and other in the same way risky products
• Personal medical fresh air gadgets that utilize fluid fresh air.
• Petrol cell systems and extra fuel cartridges
• Any allowed distinct things included in examined in bags should be safely covered to prevent injury to bags screener

In your examined bags, you must not consist of delicate or subject to spoiling products, useful products (including, but not restricted to, money, jewelry, precious metals), computers, personal technology, any medication or healthcare equipment which may be needed in-flight or during your trip or which cannot be changed at short notice if lost or broken, house or car important factors, useful records (including, but not restricted to, business records, given and other recognition records, flexible documents, investments, deeds), or product samples.

You must not consist of in hand bags real, imitation or toy weaponry (plastic or metal), or any item which looks like a tool or could reasonably be wrong for a tool, tradesmen’s' tools, ammo, explosives or anything which contains explosives, catapults, darts, household silverware, scissors, corkscrews, steel nail files, knives with knives of any length, stamp collecting small needles, paper knives, wearing softball bats and clubs, blade knives (except protection blades and associated with cartridges), pool, billiards or pool hints, hypodermic small needles (except those needed for healthcare reasons and combined with a healthcare document verifying the healthcare condition), hard wearing paintballs or martial arts training gadgets, protection suits or suits.

Liquids contained in hand baggage

Government authorities in many nations have now described limitations on the type and quantity of fluids that may be carried in hand bags through Manchester international terminal, or on routes coming into or leaving from their country.
The Western Nation decided a policy that brings into line all EU nations. The EU guidelines on fluids apply to all air travelers traveling from any EU terminal, such as UK air-ports, regardless of their location. Currently, restricted amounts of fluids, gel or pastes can be held in individual bins not going above 100ml. This may include

• Medicines 
• Shampoo 
• Creams 
• Hair gel, hair spray 
• Suntan lotions 
• Toothpaste 
• Liquid or aerosol deodorants 
• Perfumes 
• Cosmetics such as mascara and lip gloss 
• Water and other drinks, soups and syrups 
• Other items of similar consistency.

The bins must be taken in an individual clear nasty, zip-top or re-sealable bag that does not surpass 20cm x 20cm (8 x 8 inches) or comparative to one liter (1.75 pint) potential. Items must fit in the bag perfectly and the bag must be absolutely shut. At Manchester international terminal protection search, the nasty bag must be eliminated from the cottage bag and x-ray tested independently.

Baggage label

We suggest you attach name labels both on the outside and within of you’re examined in bags.


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